Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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Due to the confidential nature of Scott’s work, most of his clients prefer to remain anonymous. These are only some of the testimonials Scott has received since 1997. If you wish to offer a testimonial, it’s welcome and you may do so on the contact page.

"I put a lot of trust in someone whom you said was going to be a 'tragedy' if I continued dealing with this person. I must admit to allowing this person back in my life. The results were disastrous. But it is human nature to want to believe the bad will change or that we can change someone and we want to believe the lies that a so called friend are telling us. I have learned much from the experience and want to thank you in hindsight for the correct predictions. When this person again tried to contact me, I was prepared and found out that my decision saved me from further harm."
S.C. Las Vegas NV

"Scott, thanks, this is genuinely amazing. I love the way you format and present your information. I'm happy I finally found you and your system(s). The way you look at things just makes 'sense,' and feels right."
K.M. Boston

"Scott, you're precise and you know what you're talking about. You've done wonderful work for me."

"Scott, I just wanted to say that the compatibility readings you did for me were so spot on. I think I have read them about a trillion times now. I also feel really inspired with the Money Timeline, just very impatient for things to start happening."
R.S., Sydney Australia

"Normally, all psychics, no matter their prominence or 'level' have been wrong on me. You have been right within the realm you addressed the issues very consistently."
C.J.T. Arkansas

"Everything you predicted five years ago has happened when you said it would."
C.S. Chicago IL

"Scott, you've been quite exact with your analyses. It's baffling almost."

"Thank you for the awesome readings and handwriting analysis profile. I am really pleased and excited about the information you gave me."
(One year later, same client:) "Thank you for the reading today. Your reading last year was the most
accurate I ever had! Today's reading was very helpful on what direction to take. I also enjoyed chatting with you."
"My friend who is a very successful psychic said that she looked at you and your brother's websites and said you are both 'in the Light' and that you are 95% accurate with your readings (I already knew that). You might have a new client. Thanks!"
L.P. Boulder, CO

“Scott, thanks so much for your time and energy today. Apart from your insights, which in and of themselves are remarkable, you have a wonderful way of uplifting the spirit, no matter what the outcome of the reading. I came away from our conversation with a big smile and a lighter heart and I even had a flip of the hip as I walked back inside the house! Thank you."
L.S. Boca Raton, FL

“I liked the directness of your delivery, Scott. You focused on the issues I asked you to focus on and didn’t waver.”
K.B. Denver, CO

"I have to tell you that a lot of the things you mentioned to me, that I still remember and even more so after the fact, have manifested fully. I has been quite a journey these past 3 years and really all for the best and yes, timing is everything!"
J.C. Miami FL

“Scott, You clearly are gifted. You provided me with a lot of confirmations. My friend was right, you are gifted.”
M.M. Georgetown, TX

“I wanted to send you an email to thank you for the several readings you have given me. I also wanted to provide personal validation, as if you needed any, really. You were right about everything in relation to my date; scary! All of the details you discussed with me regarding his past and present life circumstances turned out exactly as you stated. I can’t imagine what you could have perceived if I had provided a sample of his handwriting. You have been right on the mark with your interpretations relating to me as well. What an extraordinary gift you have, my friend. Wow. You always seem to amaze me with your talent. I hope that one day my intuitive gift will blossom as full as yours certainly has. Bravo to you, my dear.”
C.J. San Francisco, CA

“Truly, I very much appreciate your generous time and caring regarding my romantic life. You’re a very kind man and I so hear how you love what you do and take it very seriously. I must say I listened very carefully and plan to follow the advice of 'keeping my eyes open and just going ahead with the relationship.' Again, you’re wonderful!”
D.D. Denver, CO

“I am consistently touched by the accuracy and depth of your readings, Scott. The confirmation of information about the intimate details of my life assures me I’m where I’m supposed to be.”
K.M. Scottsdale, AZ

“I really enjoyed my reading with you, Scott and have recommended your services to others. I felt that by combining graphology, numerology, and astrology in your analysis you gave me a more accurate reading. You ‘told it as it is’ rather than what I would have wanted to hear and I appreciate your help.”
(three years later, same client: ) "I think of the information you relayed to me quite often and about how accurate you are. I had a consultation with you about three years ago when I was single. I also asked you about the compatibility between me and my then boyfriend about a year ago. I'm happy to say that we married last year and that we are very happy. My husband was a relatively young widower before I married him. I quote you all the time about what you told me a few years ago, 'If you didn't get married before you were 28, you won't get married until you are 45.' I'm 46 right now and my husband married for the first time when I was 28 and became a widower when I was 45. Your reading helped me get through a difficult time. Thank you again for all your help. I appreciate it more than words can say."
L.K. (now L.M.) NY, NY

"It was a pleasure talking with you last night, Scott. Your insight is remarkable and you confirmed what another consultant told me recently. Thanks again."
K.B. Chicago IL

"Thanks for your insight Scott. It truly is remarkable."
D.L. Denver, CO

"Since our last session, several of the things have come to pass you made reference to earlier."
K.W. Dallas, TX

“Thanks so much for the wonderful and insightful readings. The content of your readings put into words thoughts and feelings that I felt throughout the years, but could not verbalize. Many blessings.”

“Having only my birth data, you accurately identified the years I came in contact with other cultures (travel), the year I got married, and also the year I got divorced. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m looking forward to the future as you described it!”
M.Q. Mexico City

“Your reading confirmed what I was intuitively feeling in so many areas of my life—result being confidence and grace to move forward in life. Scott, thanks so much. God Bless.”
L.H. Bellevue, WA

“I thought you might like to hear some confirmation on some of the points made. You were right on target about what the past several years have held for me. I really hope your predictions for the next year come to pass as well. Peace, Love and Light”
B.C. Jacksonville, FL

“You have an energy about you and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you, Scott. Thanks.”
M.J.R. Miami, FL

“Scott, I just wanted to thank you for the numerology/astrology reading. It was absolutely wonderful, it really helped me ease my mind about the future with my love relationships. And, it gave me a lot of needed direction with my career. My expectations are always very high, but you exceeded them with the reading you gave me. You have a gift, Scott, and I appreciate you sharing it with me. Take Care.”
A.C. Scottsdale, AZ

“I’m still feeling aglow from our exchange yesterday. Thanks so much again for the reading. It was one of the more thorough ones I’ve had. The info. you shared with me shed a shining light on so many areas in my life. I also appreciate your psychic abilities and your openness. Many blessings to you!”
L.M. Delray Beach, FL