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January 1st, 2010
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Lunar Eclipse May 26 2021

May 3rd, 2021
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lunar eclipse occurs on May 26th, 2021. It’s exact by degree at 4:13 a.m. PDT, 05 degrees 25 minutes Sagittarius.

Your overall perception is likely to be out of kilter during eclipse periods, so exercise caution with weighty decisions. Avoid risky behavior such as impulsive hires or investments. 

Three to four weeks before an eclipse and a few days after is roughly the window of time that eclipse-related issues manifest. Thus, avoid excessive risk during this period.

See this blog post for more information about limiting your overall risk during an eclipse.

See this article for information about using eclipses as predictive indicators.

The bar graph in this blog post includes the above-mentioned eclipse, along with other basic astrology events

Copyright © 2021 Scott Petullo

The Astrology and Numerology of Being an Oddball

April 5th, 2021
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Everyone is special, relative to his or her distinctive comprehensive astrological and numerological patterns. 

Differences make the world go around, and extraordinarily bizarre types of people sometimes serve as agents of important change.

Prominent oddballs of the world, such as Pablo Picasso, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, David Bowie, and Steve Jobs, show us that unconventionality can make the world a better place.

A sampling of things that make others believe you’re an oddball include the following: multiple marriages and affairs (Picasso); being a “germophobe” and refusing to stay in hotel rooms that weren’t multiples of 3 (Tesla); refusal to wear socks (Einstein); founding the “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men” (Bowie); obtaining a new car every 6 months in order to use dealer plates and avoid having to get regular license plates (Jobs). 

You’ll find more common (subjective) abnormalities in everyone’s life. Person A, a social butterfly, believes person B is too reclusive. Person B, an aspiring mystic, believes person A is too surface oriented. Each thinks the other is peculiar. My findings tell me both are perfect as they are, relative to their innate character and predestined path in life. 

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”
Steve Jobs

Unique patterns in the comprehensive astrological and numerological charts signify eccentricity. Although explaining the details of the patterns is beyond the scope of this article, you can get an idea of what makes an individual appear strange just by learning about specific related astrological and numerological factors.

The most easily identifiable oddball behavior indicators include the numerological factors involving the numbers 7, 11, and 22. That includes variations of 7, 11, and 22, such as 25, 34, 29, 65, 895, and 1975. In numerology, use fadic addition to reduce each double or higher digit number to a single digit: 25= 2+5= 7, 34= 3+4= 7, 29= 2+9= 11, 65= 6+5=11, 895= 8+9+5=22, and 1975= 1+9+7+5= 22.

The reason 7, 11, and 22 are more symbolic of unusual character and behavior than other numbers is that they are less mundane and much more connected to the other side than other numbers. There is no “normal” on the other side. 

An aside, numbers (and planets, fixed stars, etc.) don’t make anything happen, though they do represent character and life circumstances.  

When reviewing the mere dates of birth of the above-listed famous individuals, you won’t see a lot of 7, 11, or 22. However, for all of them, the patterns in their comprehensive natal and timing charts (using the full birth data) include an abundance of that type of energy. 

Read about the number 7 here.

Read about the number 11 here.

Read about the number 22 here.

Astrological features that can equate to outlandish behavior (particularly negative qualities if the heavenly body is severely afflicted) include some of the following: excessive Mercury energy can relate to a quirky personality with a lightning fast, creative mind; strong Venus energy often symbolizes an insatiable desire for sensual pursuits, yet a talent for beautification; a disproportionate amount of Mars energy frequently symbolizes an energetic, determined, yet irritable and contentious individual; heavy Jupiter can mean continual over-indulgence, leading to obesity, but also a talent for reasoning and attracting abundance; excessive Saturn energy can relate to nervous tension, anti-social behavior, paranoia, a gloomy, enigmatic, and lean appearance, yet endurance and a brilliantly analytical mind; extreme Uranus energy is representative of an unorthodox way of life, inventive and original thinking, freedom, and radical independence; Neptune in abundance can relate to idealism and dreams, but too often represents illusion, drinking and, or drugging. 

See this article for more information about basic astrology, including planets, signs, elements, houses, and more.

Ultimately, everyone is an oddball in his or her own unique way. As the aforementioned famous individuals have proved, being true to your oddball nature can be a tremendous gift to the world.  

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” 
Steve Jobs

Copyright © 2021 Scott Petullo

Psychopaths and Narcissists More Likely to Virtue Signal

March 8th, 2021
Share Button defines virtue signaling as follows: “The sharing of one’s point of view on a social or political issue, often on social media, in order to garner praise or acknowledgment of one’s righteousness from others who share that point of view, or to passively rebuke those who do not: The virtue signaling of solidarity with the victims can be a comforting affirmation of community. Their outraged virtue signaling comes across as contrived.”

Social media is full of these types of attention-seeker phonies. One of the main problems with holier-than-thou virtue signaling is that it can overshadow the causes of those who are sincere and have actual legitimate claims of harm. 

You’ve probably suspected all along that psychopaths and narcissists are more likely to virtue signal. According to a recent study, that’s true. 

Adding thieves to the list of those who are more likely to virtue signal makes sense considering the above-linked study’s findings about virtue signaling as a means to steal funds and resources

“An emerging literature on competitive victimhood documents the prevalence of victim signaling by various social groups and provides evidence for its functionality as a resource extraction strategy. For instance, victim signaling justifies victim groups seeking retribution against alleged oppressors. Retribution often takes the form of demanding compensation through some kind of resource transfer from nonvictims to the alleged victim. Claiming victim status can also facilitate resource transfer by conferring moral immunity upon the claimant. Moral immunity shields the alleged victim from criticism about the means they might use to satisfy their demands. In other words, victim status can morally justify the use of deceit, intimidation, or even violence by alleged victims to achieve their goals. Relatedly, claiming victim status can lead observers to hold a person less blameworthy, excusing transgressions, such as the appropriation of private property or the infliction of pain upon others, that might otherwise bring condemnation or rebuke. Finally, claiming victim status elevates the claimant’s psychological standing, defined as a subjective sense of legitimacy or entitlement to speak up. A person who has the psychological standing can reject or ignore any objections by nonvictims to the unreasonableness of their demands. In contrast to victim signalers, people who do not publicly disclose their misfortune or disadvantage are less likely to reap the benefits of retributive compensation, moral immunity, deflection of blame, or psychological standing and would therefore find it difficult to initiate resource transfers.”

The study also links another trait, manipulation, with those who virtue signal. Manipulation comes in many forms, but some of the more prevalent include the following: conditional (vs. unconditional) behavior; passive-aggressive behavior; emotional exploitation; being excessively nice in an underhanded way; playing the poor me game; trying to make others feel guilty; and others.

Authentic victimhood is a serious matter, but it’s unfortunate so many vain, acquisitive, manipulative, and dishonest people get so much exposure.

You can try to go exclusively on gut instinct or word of mouth to avoid the bad apples in your personal and professional life, but it’s wise to consider multiple forms of assessment.

I readily and effectively identify severe forms of all the above red flag personality traits in my non-traditional security investigations, which include handwriting analysis, one of the most objective and non-discriminatory forms of personality analysis.

Copyright © 2021 Scott Petullo

Numerology Q & A: Life Path Calculation

February 1st, 2021
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“I was wondering if you could inform me of the correct way to calculate the life path number. I know you have written articles on this before (I was unable to find that particular article in my search unfortunately). But I have a life path (4) according to most online calculators, but I identify more ‘strongly’ with a 22/4 life path, I read your articles for instance, and I just know that’s me! The 4 has relevance but just doesn’t tell my life story like the 22. My DoB is 1st January 1973. Could you shed any light on this please?”


In my opinion, the most accurate way to calculate the “Life Path” (a modern numerology term), or the Full Date Total is as follows because it maintains the integrity of the actual month, day, and year:


This is less accurate because you weren’t born in the year 2; you were born in 1973:


This is another way (Chaldean) to do it, adding the year to a double digit first:


Least accurate is this method:


The Life Path number is considered one of the important factors in your basic (modern) numerology chart, but keep in mind there are hundreds of factors that comprise the patterns in your comprehensive charts. 

Long experience has taught me that successfully delineating personality and timing is about pattern recognition involving multiple forms of astrology and numerology. 

You may identify strongly with a single number, such as 22, particularly when you have that number heavily represented in the patterns in your comprehensive charts. All root numbers (1-9), all Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99), and all Karmic debt Numbers (13, 14, 16, 19) are likely to be represented at least somewhat in your patterns. Other, more specialized numbers will show up too in your patterns. It’s ultimately a matter of where, how often, and to what magnitude that determines personal fate and character. 

Just as you should maintain humility upon learning you have Master Number representation in your comprehensive charts, you shouldn’t worry about also having Karmic Debt number representation. Basically, Master Numbers are a super-vibration and include more material and spiritual potential involving the root number (e.g., 22=2+2=4). Karmic Debt numbers typically represent more of the challenging side of each root number (e.g., 13=1+4=4). 

The world is replete with happy and, or successful people who possess Karmic Debt Day of Birth or Life Path numbers, and miserable underachievers who possess Master Number Day of Birth or Life Path numbers. Patterns, instead of individual factors, represent predetermination and temperament. Though individual factors like the Life Path and Day of Birth are good places to start.  

More information about the number 22 and numerology can be found here.

Copyright © 2021 Scott Petullo

Mercury Retrograde January 30 to February 20 2021

January 10th, 2021
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Mercury retrograde occurs January 30th to February 20th, 2021.  

Mercury retrograde commonly includes heightened uncertainty, greater than average amount of questionable judgment, and delays involving travel and new undertakings. 

Exercise caution with important decisions involving investments, large purchases, and legal matters including contracts. Any new, seemingly well-founded ideas generated during Mercury retrograde (especially during the first half of it, and the three weeks before Mercury goes retrograde) tend to be revised or reconsidered later. 

Besides the typical challenges, Mercury retrograde offers the opportunity to find solutions to existing problems, reconnect with old friends, and complete on-going projects. 

See this page for a thorough list of Mercury retrograde themes and a general timeline.

As mentioned in the linked information above, the approximate three-week period leading up to Mercury retrograde usually involves more challenges than the actual retrograde period. 

Mercury retrograde January and February 2021 details:

1. Mercury goes retrograde 1-30-21 at 7:51 a.m. PST, 26 degrees 29 minutes Aquarius.
2. Mercury goes direct 2-20-21 at 4:52 p.m. PST, 11 degrees 01 minutes Aquarius.

The bar graph in this post includes the January/February 2021 Mercury retrograde period, along with other basic astrological events.

Following Mercury retrograde and other basic astrological cycles allows you to witness the cyclical nature of life, and reduce your overall risk. 

Learn more about the planet Mercury here.

Copyright © 2021 Scott Petullo

2021 Astrology Bar Graph: Retrogrades, Eclipses, and Select Transits

December 7th, 2020
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My complimentary 2021 Astrology Bar Graph, below, gives you a general overview of basic, yet relevant astrology factors for the year.

Those proficient in basic astrology can use it in conjunction with their basic natal chart to help make the most of their circumstances and diminish risk. 

Those who know little or nothing about astrology can also utilize this 2021 Astrology Bar Graph to help limit their risk.

Be a little more cautious regarding important matters involving higher than average risk on the day of and the days surrounding eclipses and Mercury retrogrades. This includes, but is not limited to, big purchases, investments, and legal contracts

(right click on image and open in a new tab or window, or copy or save image)

See this blog post for information about Mercury retrograde.

See this blog post for information about eclipses. See this blog post for additional information about eclipses.

This blog post includes information about multiple, basic astrology factors, including those in the above bar graph.

Although my 2021 Astrology Bar Graph features relatively few basic astral events, tracking these cycles and events, especially in conjunction with your natal configurations, can help you limit your risk and save time and money.

Copyright © 2020 Scott Petullo

Two Eclipses November and December 2020

November 9th, 2020
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lunar eclipse occurs on November 30th, 2020. It’s exact by degree at 1:29 a.m. PST, 8 degrees 38 minutes Gemini.

About two weeks later, a solar eclipse occurs on December 14th, 2020. It’s exact by degree at 8:16 a.m. PST, 23 degrees 08 minutes Sagittarius.

Your discernment and understanding of circumstances in your life is likely to be at least somewhat flawed during eclipse periods, so be very careful with important decisions. Avoid hazardous situations such as a spontaneous decision to try mountain climbing, rushing to hire a new employee without thinking it through, or impulsive financial speculation. 

Three to four weeks before an eclipse and a few days after is roughly the window of time that eclipse-related issues manifest. Thus, avoid excessive risk during this period.

See this blog post for more information about limiting your overall risk during an eclipse.

See this article for information about using eclipses as predictive indicators.

The bar graph in this blog post includes the above-mentioned eclipses, along with other basic astrology events

Copyright © 2020 Scott Petullo

Mercury Retrograde October 13 to November 3 2020

October 5th, 2020
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Mercury retrograde occurs October 13th through November 3rd, 2020.

Mercury retrograde typically includes a greater than average amount of confusion, uncertainty, dubious judgment, and delays involving travel and new projects.

Be very careful with important decisions involving legal issues, contracts, investments, and large purchases. New, momentous ideas generated during the retrograde period tend to be reconsidered or revised later. 

Besides challenges, Mercury retrograde offers the opportunity to find solutions to existing problems, reconnect with old friends, and complete on-going projects. 

See this page for a thorough list of Mercury retrograde themes and a general timeline.

As mentioned in the linked information above, the approximate three-week period leading up to Mercury retrograde usually involves more challenges than the actual retrograde period.

Mercury retrograde October and November 2020 details:

1. Mercury goes retrograde 10-13-2020 at 6:05 p.m. PDT, 11 degrees 40 minutes Scorpio.
2. Mercury goes direct 11-3-2020 at 9:49 a.m. PST, 25 degrees 53 minutes Libra.

The bar graph in this post includes the October/November 2020 Mercury retrograde period, along with other basic astrological events.

Following Mercury retrograde and other basic astrology cycles allows you to witness the cyclical nature of life, and reduce your overall risk in life. 

Learn more about the planet Mercury here.

Copyright © 2020 Scott Petullo

Mars Retrograde 9-9-2020 to 11-13-2020

August 31st, 2020
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Mars goes retrograde September 9, 2020 at 3:22 p.m. PDT, 28 degrees, 08 minutes Aries. It goes direct November 13, 2020 at 4:35 p.m. PST, 15 degrees, 13 minutes Aries.

Although Mars retrograde doesn’t actually involve Mars turning around and retreating, it does appear that way from Earth due to the planets’ respective orbits. This phenomenon occurs about every two years and lasts for 80 days, on average.

Mars symbolizes aggression, strife, dissension, action, the utilization of energy, competition, masculine energy, and more.

Considering the symbolism of Mars, and that retrograde is an affliction representing going in reverse and regression, Mars retrograde can potentially (with corroboration in your natal and timing patterns) symbolize enemies coming back into your life, strife re-visited, subdued or repressed personal energy, misdirected anger, and destructive activity. 

It can also represent successfully learning to deal with anger issues, effective sublimation of aggression into constructive initiative, triumphing over an adversary from the past, and conflict resolution. 

Even though retrograde tends to bring out some of the worst in a planet, keep in mind that retrogrades are only one of many possible afflictions. It takes multiple factors (forming patterns) to make a symbolic impact, and each universal (e.g., eclipses, retrogrades, etc.) indicator is personalized through your unique natal and timing patterns.

For some people, Mars retrograde is a non-event and for others it represents important life circumstances. Your natal Mars being in poor health (e.g., retrograde) is a clue that Mars retrograde could be more important to you. Watch where this celestial event occurs in your natal and timing patterns for more information. 

My findings show astrological phenomena symbolize life circumstances, but don’t directly make things happen. “As above, so below;” celestial signs have served as powerful omens for eons.

Though you may not notice a symbolic impact on your life by this particular Mars retrograde, tracking these types of cosmic events can help you gain an understanding of the cyclical nature of time, and even help limit your overall risk. 

Copyright © 2020 Scott Petullo

Astrology and Numerology Help You Prioritize

August 10th, 2020
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Astrology and numerology can be exceedingly useful in making the most of your time and prioritizing tasks and activities. 

Early this year I took care of some pressing business a long flight away from my current location because I deduced that the later I delayed it, the more costly it would be.

My presumption turned out to be correct as I witnessed the trouble (i.e., Covid-19) that arose after I took care of the obligations. Knowing my personal astrological and numerological timing and proceeding with confidence helped me to sidestep problems.

Although my findings show that everyone has their own unique set of predetermined circumstances and events in life that comprise their personal fate, I also believe you can make the most of your fate by working with instead of against your personal timing. 

Below I list just five simple examples of determining optimum timing using astrology and numerology.

1. You must have an important overseas business meeting within the next three weeks. When should you schedule it? Considering your collective personal timing is optimum a week from now to minimize travel complications and avoid financial loss, it’s prime time to conduct your meeting a week from now, during the second week of the next three weeks.

2. Should you wait until the second half of the year to launch your new service, or do it now? Considering your collective timing is still horrible for sales and promotion, and it steadily improves as the year goes on, you’re much better off waiting until the second half of the year. Besides, your timing right now is ripe for refining your existing service offerings and servicing your current clients. 

3. Should you take a romantic vacation two months from now, or eight months from now? Since you want to avoid an increased likelihood of interpersonal strife between you and your partner, two months from now is the better option; it’s a much more peaceful and enjoyable period of time for both of you.  

4. Is it better to relocate in August, or October? October includes far fewer complications. 

5. Is it best to take on a new business associate now, or late this year? It could go either way, but know that the first three months of next year look exceedingly challenging in this regard.

Like many people, you could go exclusively on gut instinct, gauging the best timing for any specific circumstance or activity. However, when you have a confirmation with the symbolism in your personal astrology and numerology charts, you’re much more likely to make the most efficient use of your time and get as much out of life as possible.

Copyright © 2020 Scott Petullo