Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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Reduce Your Risk Through Personality Assessment, and Forecasting and Cyclical Timing Analysis
Success is about reaction and recovery. You're either just leaving, about to encounter, or currently encountering problems. The key is knowing which situation you're in and taking appropriate action. Everyone has different timing.

Get priceless awareness about the general inclination of your future, even precise circumstances and events, involving money, career, vulnerability, business matters including competition and planned launches, speculation, partnerships, and even love life and other areas of life, allowing you to get more of what you really want.

In business or your personal life, having crucial, exclusive information gives you an advantage. Without it, you're just hoping for good luck.

Gain the peace of mind you desire through exclusive assessments and reduce the following risks: financial loss, wasted time and opportunity, loss of morale, lost productivity, and security.

It's vital that you understand others, which allows you to be able to motivate them, guide them, place them in the right position appropriate for their talents, and, in the case of negotiations, gain a significant edge.

If you rely exclusively on background checks and, or traditional security investigations, you might learn about an individual's secrets that could put your interests at risk before it's too late. But you're out of luck if the person is reticent and has managed to evade exposure.

How I offer you analyses with outstanding, much higher accuracy rates than other assessments:

bullet I use a sophisticated collection of layers and layers of checks and balances based on graphology (handwriting analysis), and comprehensive astrology and numerology, including over 500 vital indicators.
bullet You won't ever find a superficial "this means that" approach with my work, such as the following: "Here is a (single indicator), so it means this (behavioral trait or circumstance)..." The energy of any single factor is either supported or wiped out by the other indicators.
bullet Pattern recognition involving cyclical timing methods and character analysis is an empirical science based on supportive evidence.
bullet Since 1992, I've been obsessive about refining my comprehensive systems, adding methods and techniques that prove to be effective, and disregarding those that prove to be invalid, enabling me to offer you first-rate results.
"Personality self-tests," such as the multiple choice variety? Beware.

Everyone knows you're on your best behavior when filling those out, and you inevitably figure out the intent of the questions and answer how you think you should answer to score appropriately.

Although I believe some self-tests can be a valuable part of your evaluation and, or hiring program, nobody gets a clear-cut view of potential concerns exclusively from self-tests, even if they are psychologist approved.

Instead, I recommend the usage of self-tests in conjunction with other evaluation methods, such as my penetrating analyses to help you reduce your risk.

Contact me today and I'd be happy to help you determine which services best suit your needs.

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